I hate people like me.

I can’t seem to shake being depressed. The horrible thing about being a psychologist and being depressed is knowing that you’re depressed and feeling like an idiot because of it. Like I should be able to help myself. But I’d rather wallow around in my own self pity. I can go a couple of days with out showering, right? Not like I have a job to go to or anything. I am a poor, miserable, person, aren’t I? Woe is me. Sometimes I think I could smack myself.


About CCTgirl

Just a crazy girl taking MARTA.
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One Response to I hate people like me.

  1. Melly says:

    i know there’s alot of downhill right now, but there are alot of people out here in nowhere that understand… maybe not completely, but don’t forget that you have roots – they are your support system… lean on them…

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