More updates!

eHarmony is a test.  A hard one, that I didn’t study for.  I think I spent hours filling out the questions; until I gave up.  What four words would you use to describe me?  And “I view myself as well adjusted”?  Well, yes.  But only because I don’t believe anyone is truly well adjusted, but I’m ahead of the curve.  My best childhood friend, Tine, and I always said that being well adjusted was being randomly happy.  That it didn’t take any one thing, but you could smile for no reason at all.  But crazy people do that, too, so the theory’s kind of flawed.  It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I think I failed.

So things have gotten better, or interesting.  Or something.  The results are in, Dad’s cancer is a stage ii adenocarcinoma.  Whatever that means.  It means it’s localized and hasn’t spread.  It means its not his previous cancer metastasized, so his survival chances are like 80%.  Compared to the 15% of his last go around the block, I’ll take it.  He’s facing 28 radiation treatments, 2 chemos, and surgery.  Happy birthday Daddy!  But Dad’s not doing so well this time and I’ll be dividing my time between Atlanta and Virginia to help out and take him to his appointments. 

So last week I randomly sent a Facebook message to someone I dated a few years ago, the Chef for those who will remember.  I don’t know how I feel about this.  Two years ago, when we dated, it ended, well, rather unresolved.  He was busy, I had a short attention span and got fed up, as I tend to do.

So I was surprised when he immediately wanted to get together.  And texted me as soon as he got home.  And the next morning.  And wanted to see me the next night.  And texted me the next morning.  And when he went into work at 2:30 AM.  And since I’ve been home.  I’m not sure how to take this.  I feel like it’s too soon, but I’m giddy.  And I need this.  I need this man to distract me from the recent events of my life.


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2 Responses to More updates!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Can I just say – I love you?! 🙂

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