The System

I have always lamented the existence of dating guides and books and websites and blogs and break-up guides and all the crap that women feed into to try to meet the man of their dreams, or meet a man and make him the man of their dreams, and trap him into the world’s best marriage ever.  The Rules, anyone?  And in my head I’ve always argued that, “Men don’t read dating guides!”  I mean, they just date who they like while we fret over every word they say and why they said it and how they said it and what it means when he hasn’t called in three days and should I call him or send an e-mail to tell him off for not calling when he said he would.

But then I found out about The System.  Some jerk who calls himself Dr. Love has written a dating guide for men.  It comes complete with a dictionary (to define what, per say?  What’s 200 thread count and why your sheets should be no less?),  the “rules of the game,” audio training on what to say as well as what not to say, and a guide to the games women play and every mistake a guy can make.  All this can be yours for $99.

What the heck?  Really?  Apparently the whole thing revolves around the concept that a man should be a challenge or women will get bored.  So it advises to not call when you say and if she gets mad, just don’t talk to her for a couple of weeks.  What moron came up with this?  A challenge?  If I want a challenge, I’ll buy I puzzle.  If I want someone to ignore me, I’ll get a cat.  And if you just stop talking to me because you did something bad, I’ll probably come over and burn down your house. 

I don’t want to spend months figuring out if a guy likes me, and trying to be a challenge to me only means I’ll start looking for someone else to date.  I’ll probably keep dating you, but I’ll have an eye out for someone who will make me feel like the woman I want to be.  I’m not getting any younger here, men.  I’m on a mission, play along, or get left behind while you try to challenge me.

Who wants to invest in a copy of this nonsense with me so we can see what the men are planning now?


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