Your love, support, and prayers make it easier

I can’t express how much everyone’s kind words and support have meant to me. Nothing says loved like crying in a coffee shop because of the messages and comments I’ve received. My father has an appointment with the Oncologist back home tomorrow, so we might find out something then. With prayers, it’ll be good news.

I know a lot of people, especially the ones that have never been through this, have no idea what to say to me. That statement has been made to me on more than one occasion. There isn’t anything you need to say to a friend who is in my situation, all we need is your support. A kind word, a hug, and someone to answer the phone at midnight when the stress is too much and you have to cry to someone about something irrational like you can’t use the bathroom out of fear that your Dad might need it.

I just need to know that there are people who care and who I can count on. And I know that I’ve found that in you.


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Just a crazy girl taking MARTA.
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One Response to Your love, support, and prayers make it easier

  1. Tine says:

    LOVE YOU!!! HUGS!!!

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