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It’s been nearly a year and my dreams have changed as time has passes. At first, I used to dream that my Dad came home. More often than not he showed up at home and was mad at us for … Continue reading

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It’s the little things

I’ve been putting off this post for a while now. For two months, actually. Like writing it or not writing it will make a difference. Or maybe I just didn’t have the courage. Today Mom and I preformed our first … Continue reading

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How we got here

I suppose, if I were to write a blog about my father’s struggles with cancer I should write about the thing itself. Esophageal cancer is steadily increasing in prevalence, and it is a difficult and nasty cancer. 85% of people … Continue reading

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She tosses and turns a lot, too

I’m home this weekend to be with my father. Of course, the whole family is staying with my grandparents so that my Papa can help out with my Dad when George’s at work. It’s weird. I’m not going to lie. … Continue reading

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No good news

I’ve been avoiding this post like the plague. Like committing it to the blog makes its finite, seals my fate.  Like writing about it means there’s no turning back, and I have to face our future.  But not writing about … Continue reading

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Your love, support, and prayers make it easier

I can’t express how much everyone’s kind words and support have meant to me. Nothing says loved like crying in a coffee shop because of the messages and comments I’ve received. My father has an appointment with the Oncologist back … Continue reading

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Rollercoaster ride: and not the fun type

It’s been a long couple of months. People keep asking me for updates and it is a long story and I am lazy and not up for telling it multiple times. So I’m going to tell it once. Here. Read … Continue reading

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